Product Quality
Quality for Industrial Supply Gate is an vital role. Therefore, we procure, source, trade and market the top and high class commodities which are manufactured certified in accordance to well-known international certification of engineering, environmental and safety standards such as ASME, IEC, ANSI, CE, UL, IEEE, ISO, OSHA, CSA, NFPA, API and those recommended or selected by our valued customers.

ISG is capable of handling the services required along with the equipment procurement and after sale services as well. ISG offers a comprehensive and highly flexible service package that can be tailored precisely to our clients needs. ISG have an agreement with approved local service provider committed to support our business in every aspect to perform mainly the following: A. Equipment Installation B. Commissioning. C. Equipment Operating Training. D. Calibrating, alignment, vibration. E. Fabrication & welding. F. Repair and Overhauling. G. Field Technical Data gathering. H. Machining I. Safety Relief Valve repair and testing. J. Heat Exchanger Repair K. Coordinating with manufacturer and suppliers (OEM) for upgrade, retrofiting, repair and technical assistance. Our service provider partner is experience widely in industry, coupled with their professional and the direct knowledgeable leaders including their ability to anticipate market development. From a solid basis on which we build productive and rewarding partnerships with our partners, you can be sure that our guidance is sound and the procurement and services is efficient, secure and reliable.